Southampton’s Best Events Venue

Hosting over 32,000 people week in, week out isn’t easy. We know that success is all in the preparation. We’ve trained elite teams. We train ourselves for performance at the highest level. So whether it’s your next event, conference, meeting, exhibition, dinner or even concert – we’re experienced in the art of preparation and performance. And ready to achieve success for you.

  • A stadium. An amphitheatre. An arena amplifies everything. With space for 20,000 to 32,000 voices, no-one needs to miss a moment.
  • You put time, effort and pure passion into your work. And so do we. Together, we can make sure your event is delivered to the highest standards.
  • Atmosphere. Heritage. Impact. There are some things that can make sure your exhibition delivers beyond all expectations. Choosing the right space for you is one of them.
  • Knowledge and innovation. A powerful combination. We use our expertise in elite performance management to deliver meetings centred around wellbeing.
  • Banquets. Birthdays. Corporate dinners. There’s a skill to organising large-scale events that run with effortless precision. A skill that only comes with great experience..
  • The roar and the goose bumps. Making an event truly special means electrifying all the senses. We do it every matchday. We can do it for you.

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