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Saints Voice is a panel made up of 12 supporters voted in by fellow fans. The panel meet with club staff and officials three-to-four times each year to discuss a range of off pitch subjects covering all aspects of the supporter experience.


This allows the club to deepen its understanding of issues affecting fans, as well as giving us the opportunity to explain the thinking and processes behind important decisions that have been, or are being, made. Additionally, it is intended that the panel will provide a forum for supporters to share and discuss new ideas of their own for how to improve any aspect of their experience.


In the lead up to meetings the date and time will be posted on this page. Supporters also have the opportunity to engage with the panel and pose questions and provide feedback, contributing to the agenda in terms of subjects for discussion. To contact the panel please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.


You will also be able to find agendas and minutes of previous meetings which will include awaiting or completed actions.

Introducing our panel:

Zoe Wilson


Who I feel I represent
Season Ticket Holders
Travelling Fans (not based locally)
Female Fans
Young Fans
Fans with disabilities

I started coming to watch the Saints when I was 7, eating pasties at The Dell with my dad. I worked in the ticket office for 2 years. Now as a season ticket holder in the Kingsland/Northam corner, I travel from SE London every game. I've followed Saints far and wide and would love to be able to represent other fans; their views & opinions. I'm particularly passionate about female supporters and changing the old fashioned view of women and football that I still come across. Southampton football club has been a big part of my family and I have immediate family members that are both homosexual and have disabilities. As a result I am keen to be a voice for other passionate Saints fans, and make sure that the club continue to strive to include all fans, and encourage them to march on together no matter their gender or story.

James Whitworth


Who I feel I represent
Living away from Hampshire
Fans attending away matches
Those who attend with family members

Originally from Andover, I went to my first Saints game in 1995 and have regularly attended from that point. I moved to the Midlands to go to medical school and have been working there ever since, currently as an inherited diseases doctor. I live in Birmingham and am therefore in the group of supporters residing in more distant parts for whom going to matches helps to foster friendships and family ties while maintaining links to the Saints community.

I applied to be on the panel to help encourage and preserve the aspects of the club that have been important to me over the years. Performance on the pitch is clearly the biggest driver to a positive experience for fans but how Southampton FC organise and present other aspects can also make a difference. In my view, the club should prioritise the promotion of vocal support and atmosphere (without manufacturing it) as well as making it as easy as possible for fans to attend by acting or lobbying on issues such as ticket allocation, fixture scheduling, and pricing of lower demand fixtures. I’m proud to be part of a fan base that, at its best, can fill grounds with an intense, inclusive and welcoming atmosphere and would use this opportunity to ensure that our ideas to encourage those moments are heard.

Mark Middleton


Who I feel I represent
Season Ticket Holders
The Northam Stand
Away Supporters

I am a season ticket holder in the Northam Stand and have got to know quite a variety of people over the years from all walks of life. This is one of the aspects of being a Saints fan that I love most, meeting new people, discussing and challenging their views. I feel I have the passion, the knowledge and the means to be a strong voice for both the fans and the club that I love, to build a positive relationship and communicate with all parties. I am keen to find ways to help all Saints fans express their thoughts, from near and far, from our longest supporters to our newest supporters wherever in the world they may be. We all have one thing in common and that is our love for the Mighty Saints.

Louise Burke


Who I feel I represent
Season Ticket Holders
Female Supporters

I have been a Southampton season ticket holder since the late 1980's so I certainly know about the ups and downs of being a Saints fan. I come from a family of Saints mad fans, I was only in my late teens then but have continued to support them through thick and thin. Together with my family which includes both of my parents, my brother and my children we travel down to Southampton from Fleet for every home game as well as a fair few away games. I believe that I have a good grasp on what’s important to a wide cross-section of the fan base. I would love to be able to have the opportunity to contribute new ideas and be a voice for our fans with the ultimate aim of improving Southampton Football Club and helping to strengthen its relationship with the fans.

Michael Edwards

Girl in a jacket

Who I feel I represent
Over 65s Supporters
Season Ticket Holders
Premium Seating Supporters
Itchen Stand Supporters
Disabled Supporters
Car Parking & Train Using Supporters

Hello, I am just turning 65 and am a Season Ticket Holder in the Premium area of the Itchen Stand. I spent my youth standing and shouting behind the goal at the Dell. Work took me around the country but always loyal to the Saints. I have a lot of experience in representing people on committees. I will bring forward your issues calmly, focussed and backed up with evidence. I know when and how to press a point and when to back off. It is also important to provide positive feedback when things work well. My Brother-in-law is a Season ticket holder with a life-long brain injury, so I have an insight into how the Club deals with Disability and Access issues. Additionally, I use various transport for home/away fixtures so can give useful feedback.

Whoever and where ever you are, talk to me and YOUR VOICE will be heard.

Mark Chee


Who I feel I represent
The Chapel/Family Stand
Fans from ethnic minority groups
Members/Junior Saints
Fans who don't currently live in Southampton
Fans who actively make use of social media (forums; Twitter)

My name is Mark and I’ve followed Saints for nearly 40 years. During this time, I have experienced our ascension from League 1 back to the Premier League and European football, as well as the dark days that preceded that, in dropping down the divisions and heading into administration. I can proudly say I’ve been there to see us regularly beat the so-called ‘big boys’; miraculously escape relegation for season after season in the 90s; lift a trophy at Wembley; cheer special goals and, most significantly see my son lead the side out, as mascot. I’m always talking about Saints in some way and think Saints Voice could be a great way to channel some of the ideas and opinions I, and other fans, have! I’d love to be able to cover all things Saints, from beer to boardroom, and represent a broad cross section of our fans.

Katie Maidment-Smith


Who I feel I represent
Season Ticket Holders
Female Supporters
Family Stand
Single parent families
Working parents
Grassroots football volunteers
Long term supporters

Anyone who knows me will tell you that really I love football. I am actively involved in youth football and when I'm not watching Saints I'll be watching my son play for our local team. I have been Club Secretary for my son's club for 2 years, meaning I have learned an awful lot more about the running of a club that we don't normally get to see. I have followed Saints since childhood and for the past four seasons my son and I have been season ticket holders together in the family stand. I am involved in numerous fan forums and have many friends and family members who are also supporters so I like to think I have a good balanced view of what is important to people. I would really love to engage with other supporters on a wider scale on issues and be their voice on the panel.

Yasmin Wiseman


Who I feel I represent
Saints fans

Hello Everyone, my name is Yasmin. I am 28 years old and have been a Saints supporter since I could walk, as well as following all football - Worldwide. I am known as being the 'Optimist' as I can always see the positives in every situation. I use a lot of social media to enhance the reputation of our beloved Saints FC. I'm very open-minded, a good listener and its very refreshing to hear other people’s views and opinions. I am very analytical and will always consider the pros and cons of any situation and I am always open to change. I feel very strongly about every facet of our club and I would like to represent ‘all’ fans whether they are season ticket holders or ones who follow the club from home and certainly any fan who is not confident enough to express their thoughts and feelings themselves.

Michael Sadler


Who I feel I represent
The over 55s
Season Ticket holders
Away fans

My first match was in February 1968, aged 8, standing on the Milton End with dad. We lost, but I was hooked, and have followed Saints everywhere since. Kingsland season ticket holder, with wonderful trips to Bucharest, Milan, Prague, Arnhem, Israel; perhaps slightly less wonderful trips to Carlisle, Hartlepool, Tranmere, Midtjylland! I love the Saints, but we don’t get everything right, and I will help Saints Voice bridge the gap that can easily grow between club and fans. I was a friend of Ted Bates, and met many Board members in that era. They loved Saints too, but often saw things differently to those of us on the terraces – I will help Saints Voice ensure the fan voice is very clear. I am a doctor who lives and works locally, talks constantly about Saints, and regularly speak at meetings, so can promise to strongly promote our views to the club.

Oliver Boast


Who I feel I represent
Season Ticket holders
Northam Stand
Fans of all ages

I’m 16, a student and in my 10th season as an avid saint’s fan and Northam season ticket holder. I have seen the highs and the lows and believe I can give a sensible and fair view of how the fans see the atmosphere and feeling of supporting our club. I feel I can offer opinions and insights to how football can be kept personal and how the club can keep moving forward, in addition to creating a good engagement with the fans.
I think there is a variety of groups that I believe I represent as a saint’s fan. For example, I am a season ticket holder in the Northam stand and a student, and I understand the current feelings of the younger generation. Overall, I think I understand the general feeling of the supporters and can explain these opinions, to try and make a real impact for the fans.

Tara Doel


Who I feel I represent
Northam Stand
All age groups
Travelling Saints
Global Saints

Hi, I’m Tara .I’ve loved the club since I was a youngster & have attended many games home, away and overseas. I am 53 and a season ticket holder in the Northam Stand. Having a fantastic day out with my friends & fellow supporters, good facilities & resources and having regular communication from my club is important to me. Over the years I have been lucky to meet so many fantastic Saints supporters at home, on the road and through social media and look forward to linking with more. I am approachable, a good listener and if voted onto the panel will take forward your comments, issues & ideas to maintain & improve our supporter experience as well as share with you any future plans decided by the club. I look forward to representing you as part of the Panel so together we can have the best fan experience supporting our beloved football club!

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